Mount up Providence!

Posted on May 3, 2014 by Jerrilee.
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photo by:Elissa E/flickr


If these horses look familiar it is probably because you have watched them on duty as they strolled down Westminster street or stood on their watch during a Water Fire Festival in our own city of Providence, RI. Police horses are considered officers of the law, even though they carry an additional police officer on their backs.  Requirements to become a police horse include exceptional agility and hardiness as they are expected to endure the same long hours on city streets, curbs, and sidewalks as their mounted partners.

Inspector Del Rio, in charge of the mounted division during this interview, explained that the horses “work late into the early morning hours. They’ll be patrolling the bars and streets with their officers until two in the morning,” which means they may not be back to their stalls until three or later that night. Many people don’t know that public mistreatment of these horses can be considered an assault on an officer and can actually bring a trip to jail for the offender. While they are mostly quiet and sweet tempered as they stand on watch or walk the beat, these patrol horses know their jobs and readily interfere when crowds become unruly. They are trained to assist their human officers in the line of duty regardless of dangerous conditions.


(photo by Diana/Flickr)

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