Who is Jerri Streeter?


Horse trainer and EQUI-WORKS article contributer, Jerrilee Streeter, has been enjoying the horse industry since 1973.   Back then, while living in San Jose, Ca, she traveled into the barren hills to view the landscape by horseback, but discovered instead the fascinating world of equine behavior. While riding, she realized the horse she was on was attempting to communicate with her through various body movements, and this led her on a new journey to understand the equine language. Since that day some of our most brilliant equine educators have taken her under their tutelage to transform her knowledge into a productive horse professional. Their devotion to classical training brought her through Fourth Level Dressage and the correct application of Grand Prix movements. These primary teachers have been: Charles de Kunffy, Dr Henri Van Schaik, Jean Luc Cornille, Dominique Barbier, and Peter Kjellerup. She has also had the privilege of lessons with Karl Mikolka and Johann Riegler, both tenured with the Austrian Spanish Riding School.

Through gaining a better understanding of the horse’s way of communication, Jerri found the logical next step to correcting and redirecting the miscommunication between horse and rider. The need to devote more time to this work led her to successfully change her course from the show ring of dressage to equine nurturing and rehabilitation. Horses and riders have benefited from her expertise and guidance for over 35 years from the West Coast, to Hawaii, and currently, New England. Her educational articles are featured on this website. She also teaches the nuances of the bitless bridle.

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